11 Feb 2014

What Part Does Geothermal Water Play in the Calistoga Experience?

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Did you know Baths at Roman Spa has geothermal water? Another term used to describe the heated mineral waters is, “hot springs” and these healing waters are partially why Calistoga is world-famous.  The thermal waters infused with rich minerals, is heated to over boiling temperatures, as it passes over dormant molten magma, right below the earth’s surface. For hundreds of years, people have known that soaking in this rich mineral water has health benefits including; Stress and pain relief, increased blood circulation and has been known to improve sleep patterns. The list goes on and on – Check out this article in Spavelous to read more of the amazing health benefits of the water we are lucky to have in abundance in Calistoga.

This water that bubbles just below the earth’s surface is also a main component of the mud mixture that has made Calistoga Mud and Mineral Baths famous. In Calistoga there are a few ways of making the therapeutic mud baths. At Baths at Roman Spa we combine the water from the hot springs, the volcanic ash that is sourced from Calistoga and peat, which makes the mud so thick it molds to your body and makes you feel as if your body is suspended in a warm pillow of amazingness.

While you can get so much out of the geothermal water alone, when you enhance your mud and/or mineral bath experience with a soothing and therapeutic massage- “Voila!”- You have the world’s best spa experience!

Reasons why deeply relaxing, long lasting, healing adventure of mud-water-massage is not to be missed by anyone:

  • It feels so good!
  • It works to relax you deeply!
  • Each step sets your muscles up to get the most out of your treatment!
  • Mud baths are a long-time tradition, going back before the European settlers arrived!
  • It’s a “bucket list” item to be crossed off!
  • It’s a fun experience (and story) to share with a family, friends or that special someone!
  • Because you deserve it!

Give us a call today to book a personalized treatment package and let the awesome staff at Baths at Roman Spa ” take you away”!